K. Ann Décor & Design - ... reinventing space in homes and beyond
K. Ann Décor & Design ... home of versatile space reinvention. A full-service, home staging and interior decorating company. Whether minor updates or a large-scale renovation, we will achieve an ideal design on time and within your budget.
Let K. Ann Décor & Designreinvent your space and solve your design issues with our experience and creativity.
We specialize in home staging and interior decorating for residential and commercial space. Proper positioning of furniture and equipment helps maintain functionality and increases productivity in any home, office or business environment. K. Ann Décor & Design decorates with efficient, thoughtful, moderately priced, and innovative strategies. Let us design your space and help create more opportunities to multi-task, or help de-clutter and prioritize to maximize space within the walls of your home.
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